Selenium BuilderTry it

Open source, 2012
Some snaps showing the user interaction and look/feel.

What is it?

A browser plug in to build automated tests of websites by pointing and clicking.

Who are the users?

Engineers creating automated quality assurance (QA) tests

How was it received?

Well. The core point-click test creation workflow proved itself. Some additional changes to the editing and may make the plug-in accessible to a wider audience. Subsequent contributors added abilities to integrate with repositories on GitHub and other features which make a stronger project.

Our Process

Initially we started with a heuristic audit and some wireframes, followed by direct contributions to the stylesheets for visual polish. Low fidelity workflow storyboard, good for explaining behaviors. Open source projects typically rely on a single individual to help with landing contributors' work into releases. In this case David Stark, the lead contributor on selenium builder, made some modest adjustments to the visual design of the contribution.