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Podomatic, 2007
Examples of podomatic user podcast pages created with kustomizer

What is it?

A WYSIWYG tool allowing podcast authors to design and customize themes for their podcast homepage and pop-up player. By selecting principal colors and dragging a few pictures into the homepage, podcast authors can customize their podcast homepage without needing to learn how web sites are built.

Other sites approach customization by offering users pre-built templates with limited personalization unless they are capable with PHP, HTML, and CSS. More competent websites offer some means for users to appropriate user-generated schemes. We wanted to offer something in the middle -- more than just template selection, but still appropriate for an audience uncomfortable with HTML.

Who are the users?

Podcast authors. Podomatic's user base at the time tended to skew older than expected - many of the more prolific podcasters were retirees or embarking on a second/home career.

How was it received?

Feedback was very positive. Kustomizer remained the primary customization tool on podomatic.com from its debut in 2007 until being phased out in 2013. With the prevalence of HTML5/CSS3 Podomatic created a new system to take advantage of new technologies.

High-Fidelity Interactive Prototype, 2006. Often this is the best way to test nuanced interactions

Our process

ChungEpstein worked on the initial engineering as a set of live prototypes using HTML. To tune usability to a point where we could do production engineering, we tested iterations informally with friends and family. Following a limited Beta release, final release and maintenance were handled by Podomatic. We followed up periodically with testing and refinement.